domingo, febrero 23, 2014

King George

You’ve stopped repeating yourself
voice of a poem of Lorca to Whitman
echo of a voice of Leonard Cohen
You haven’t repeated yourself
with the silver tear
with the desire to meet me
reigning the lone hours
and they dance angel porno songs by Aerosmith
you don’t repeat yourself
middle east
stupid question
unnecessary guilt
and the want for a little while longer
in my bee hive heart
in our hand knots
in our newborn desire naked
screaming and new
and the red city beats
the red city always dances with death
I waited for the tornado of bodies
the saliva tidal wave
the beating boy
I would wait for the broken heart
caressed between the teeth
but you haven’t repeated yourself
I confessed my ruins
while the word hungry
looked to become a verse
only to do something to you.

Sir King
Have you noticed?
Distances aren't measured in kilometers
but in lonesomeness.

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