jueves, julio 19, 2012


There was tragedy in the black minutes
There were sad fireflies consumed by time
Iris and pupil were magnetized
yours, mine.
The tongue as key and on your skin so many reluctant locks.
I would watch my dear friend ignoring curiosity
There were two naked feelings and the sentence mock them
The enthusiasm was broken and it would rain often
And I dared to think that we would come together.
And when tact made its presence I thought it would last
But it didn't.
And it wasn't about me or someone else.
It was just that failure laid lurking around. 
And I loved you like a brother
I loved you like an incestuous brother loves.
It would surprise you how green I am sometimes.

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Karl André dijo...

El espíritu beatnik posee tus letras, pero después recuerdo que ya no sé si las letras poseen al escritor y lo impulsan a escribir así o es que el escritor posee las letras. Sigue escribiendo por favor.